Catering Options

Delivery or Pickup: Our entire menu is priced for free delivery. Food will be delivered to your event hot and ready to eat in aluminum serving tins ready for your table or counter. Pick up can also be arranged for you convenience.

Buffet Set Up: We will bring the necessary chafing pans and equipment to set up a buffet style table at your location. This enables the food to stay hot for a longer period of time. We will set up the chafing dishes and load the food in them. Tables and disposable tablecloths can be furnished for a fee upon request. We will pick up the equipment at a predetermined time after your event. Cost is 18% of total.

Buffet Service: If you require servers to maintain the buffet, keeping food in the pans, maintaining the chafing dishes, serving the food and keeping a general working buffet, we can accommodate that too. We charge $25 per server, per hour. This is in addition to the Buffet Setup charge.

Carving Station: Sliced Brisket and Turkey requires slicing on site. If you choose to have these items, we recommend a carving station to slice the meat as it is served. You may provide the carving station or ask us to provide one. We charge $25 per hour for the server plus $50 for the station if we provide it.


 Thank you for choosing Willie’s BBQ for your catering needs!  We want your event to be a success, below are a few helpful tips to ensure your guests are fed and your food stays at its highest quality and food safe temperatures.
 It is important to make sure that all food is kept at the proper temps at all times to ensure food safety for you and your guests.
 Should be consumed promptly or refrigerated within 1 hour of pick-up / delivery. Food should stay at an internal temperature of 145°F for serving. Keep refrigerated at 41°F or below. Food should be reheated quickly to internal temperature of 165°F before reserving.
 Should be refrigerated within 1 hour of pick-up / delivery. Keep refrigerated or on ice at 41°F or below.  Use within 7 days.
 If you have picked up food or had it delivered prior to your event serving time and do not have warmers, place the hot food in the oven at 200°F until you are ready to serve. This will keep the food piping hot without drying it out. Keep all cold food in the refrigerator or on ice at 41°F or cooler.
 It is important to provide a clean serving utensil for each item option on your buffet to avoid cross contamination for guests with food allergens (such as but not limited to gluten, dairy and tree nuts.)
If using chaffing racks with sternos, check water in the lower pan, keeping 1/2 inch of water at all times. This maintains food temperature and prevents drying/burning of the product. *keep extra warm water handy*
Periodically stirring hot items (from bottom to top) will keep food moist and hot.
BBQ is messy, so periodically check your buffet table to make sure everything is spill free and kept as clean as possible.
Let’s face it, folks’ eyes are bigger than their stomachs. Here are a few tips to help your food last.
  • Use luncheon plates instead of dinner plates.
  • Place your cold side dishes first, followed by your hot side dishes and then your meat. Your most expensive item/main course on your buffet should be last.
  • If sandwiches or sliders are your main course, place your bread before your meat. People will naturally pick up the bread and make a sandwich.
  • Place your extra sauce and any condiments at the end of your buffet to keep from having a traffic jam mid stream.

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